photoshoot 1Performing live with the Susmit Sen Chronicles at the Gomad festival 2013, in Ooty, India.

goMAD is 3 days of music, arts, dance and camping out in the wilderness of the Nilgiris. It’s an annual music festival dedicated to the most eclectic motley of creative arts.From fusion rock to pop, electronica to metal, from whirling dancers to art installations, goMAD is a unique annual festival with no headlining acts – only a pure celebration of the arts.


The name Susmit Sen needs no introduction. Founder member and lead guitarist of one of India’s most famous rock band, creator of its unique rock-folk sound; he has had an illustrious career spanning over 2 decades. His innovative way of playing the guitar has influences of Rock, Jazz and Hindustani Classical; yet his sound is unique.But as all good things come to an end, so have his innings with Indian Ocean.

Susmit, now a solo artiste, is travelling the country with his Ensemble – Susmit Sen Chronicles. The Ensemble comprises of a motley group of like-minded musicians who believe that expression in their notes can translate into stories: their entire repertoire is a collection of stories told with fun and a musical abandon.

Susmit has already launched his debut solo album called ‘Depths of the Ocean’, and is ready to release his new album later this year along with his colleagues from Susmit Sen Chronicles:

Anirban Ghosh (Bass Guitar)
Nikhil Vasudevan (Percussion)
Varun Gupta (Tabla)
Amit Sharma and Sudhir Rakhari (Vocals).


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