Performing live with Susmit Sen Chronicles, Shubha Mudgal and Harpreet Quartet at the Wash for India – Toilet concert.


Susmit Sen Chronicles :

Susmit Sen – guitars

Amit Sharma – vocals

Sudheer Rikhari – vocals

Varun Gupta – Tabla / Percussions

Nikhil Vasudevan – Drums

Anirbaan ghosh – bass


Shubha Mudgal:

Shubha Mudgal – Vocals

Aditya Balani – Guitars

Anil Chawla – Keys

Srijan Mahajan – Drums

Gaurav Balani – Bass


Harpreet Quartet :

Harpreet Singh – Vocals / Guitars

Nikhil Vasudevan – Drums

Varun Gupta – Tabla / Percussions

Anirbaan ghosh – Bass








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